Thomann CL-17BB CG Boehm Bb- Clarinet

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Thomann CL-17BB CG Boehm Bb- Clarinet


Thomann CL-17BB CG Boehm Bb- Clarinet

The Thomann CL-17BB CG Boehm Bb-Clarinet makes its present felt with its superb sound quality. This clarinet is made from African blackwood that creates a warm sound with a full midrange and a touch of treble at the top end. The Boehm system produces sharpness in the sound. Additionally, the unique turn keys last long. This clarinet has seventeen keys that offer fabulous intonation to bring richness in your performance. These keys are silver-plated so that they exude a luxurious look and ensure long-lasting functionality. The adjustable thumb rest lets you grip the clarinet with optimum comfort.


  • Boehm system
  • African blackwood body
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Silver-plated keywork

    • Body: African Blackwood
    • Keys: 17
    • Rings: 5
    • Tone Holes: 5
    • Adjustability: Thumb Rest with a Ring for the Belt
    • System: Boehm
    • Instrument Key: Bb
    • Keywork: Silver Plated
    • Two Bells: 62mm and 65mm
    • Included: Mouthpiece, ligature, capsule, BG thumb rubber, de Luxe pull-through cloth, microfiber polishing cloth, mouthpiece cushions, grease and de Luxe case

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    Thomann CL-17BB CG Boehm Bb- Clarinet

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