Precor Resolute Series Selectorised Back Extension

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Precor Resolute Series Selectorised Back Extension


The Resolute™ Strength Back Extension focuses on the muscles of the lower back that help to extend the spine and aid in rotational movements. The Back Extension movement complements the muscles trained during abdominal exercises.

Biomechanically Sound

The contoured back pad provides proper support to ensure back muscle activation throughout the movement. The fixed footplate provides stability during the full range of motion.

Designed to Go the Distance

Sealed bearings in all pivot points, oversized steel tubing and chrome-plated adjustment plates make for quiet, durable operation for years to come.

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Dimensions (L x W x H) 122 x  124  x 148 cm / 48 x 49 x 58 inches
Equipment Weight 532 lb / 242 kg
Weight Stack (kg/lb) 200 lb / 91 kg
Incremental Add-on Weight 5 lb (2.3 kg)
Adjustments Ratcheting seat adjustments require only a lift to release the lever. Handles include slip-resistant rubber sleeves with machined alloy end-caps. Adjustment points are highlighted with a contrasting colour for ease of use.
Pulleys and Cables Glass-fibre-reinforced nylon pulleys provide strength and durability, while precision ball bearings allow effortless rotation. Cables use a 7×19 stranded wire configuration for added strength and flexibility and are coated with black pressure-extruded nylon for long lasting protection and a smooth feel. 4.8 mm wire is coated to 6.4 mm with a breaking strength of 1,905 kg and 3.2 mm wire is coated to 4.8 mm with a breaking strength of 907 kg.
General Features Unique design allows user to begin by making only one adjustment to the movement arm start position. Contoured pad supports the back for proper spinal biomechanics during exercise.

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Precor Resolute Series Selectorised Back Extension

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