Dragonfly Drinkware

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Dragonfly Drinkware


Rolf Glass is a manufacturer of unique, quirky designs on high-quality glassware. Each product line puts a distinctive twist on contemporary glass, adding a touch of fun to the table and creating a “where’d you find that?” conversation.

Rolf Glass is headquartered in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania and operates out of the historic Mount Pleasant Glass Center, the former Lenox Crystal Factory. The stemware is made in New York and then engraved in the Mount Pleasant studio.

Nothing finishes off the day like a delicious beverage in your favorite glass! Dragonfly by Rolf Glass is a charming way to usher in a feeling of summer fun. Bright and clear with the silhouette of a dragonfly fluttering over blades of grass artfully diamond-wheel engraved across its surface. The attention to detail and charming design makes this a wonderful gift for anyone with a bit of whimsy in their heart!

**PLEASE NOTE prices are for a single glass, not sold as a set

• Dishwasher safe• Domestic glass• Diamond-wheel cut in the USA

Balloon Red Wine Glass 18oz• H: 8″ • D: 3 7/8″

 Double Old Fashion 13oz• H: 4 1/8″• D: 3 3/8″

 Flute 8oz• H: 9 1/2″ • D: 2 3/4″

All Purpose Wine Glass 18oz• H: 8 7/8″ • D: 3 1/2″

 Cooler Highball 15oz• H: 6 1/8″ • D: 2 7/8″

 Stemless Wine Glasses 17oz• H: 4 1/2″ • D: 3 1/2″

 Martini Glass 10oz• H: 7 1/4″ • D: 4 3/4″

Carafe 37.25oz• H: 11″ • D: 5 1/8″

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Double Old Fashion 13oz, Flute 8oz, All Purpose Wine 18oz, Cooler Highball 15oz, Stemless Wine 17oz, Pitcher 35oz, Carafe 37.25oz, Martini 10oz

Dragonfly Drinkware

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