Cort KX Series KX508MS Multi Scale 8 String Electric Guitar

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Cort KX Series KX508MS Multi Scale 8 String Electric Guitar


Cort KX Series KX508MS Multi Scale 8 String Electric Guitar Overview:

The first multi-scale 8-string guitar from Cort, the new KX508MS features the highly regarded Fishman Fluence Modern pickups to provide a variety of great sounds for the modern rock player. The acclaimed Fishman Fluence pickups provide the best of both active and passive worlds in terms of sound and feel. Whether it’s brutal modern metal distortion or sweet clean vintage-like tones, the Fluence Modern pickups offer versatility as well as superb guitar tones for days.POPLAR BURL TOP ON SWAMP ASH BODYLightweight Swamp Ash body delivers plenty of punchy high-mids while Poplar Burl’s unique aesthetic adds a cool visual touch.FISHMAN FLUENCE MODERN HUMBUCKER SETPush-pull pots facilitate coil-tap for single-coil sounds as well as Fishman®’s Voice1 for the modern active high output humbucker tone and Voice2 for a passive type of organic feel with increased vintage-like dynamics and response whilst maintaining high output for warm and rich distortion or clean sounds.INDIVIDUAL HARDTAIL WITH STRING-THRU BODYIndividual hardtail bridge unit for each string that feeds through the body results in greatly improved sustain, superb string separation for greater articulation and precise intonation.1 Volume & 1 Tone Push/Pull Knob with 3 Way Pickup SelectorWhile maintaining a simple look, the ingenious push/pull function on both the volume and tone knob in combination with 3 way pickup selector unleashes the full potential of the Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker set on KX508 Multi-Scale. – Volume Knob Push/Pull: Voice1/Voice2 – Tone Knob Push/Pull: Full Humbucker/Coil-Split26.5-28″ SCALEGet tight and punchy low-end for the low-B and low-F# strings with the extended scale length while maintaining the familiar feel and tension on the treble strings for speedy runs and string-bending.MACASSAR EBONY FINGERBOARDAn ideal wood for high-gain applications, Macassar Ebony provides a cutting high-end to get your playing heard through the dense mix as well as fast and smooth playability.5PC MAPLE & PURPLE HEART NECKThe 5-piece Maple and Purple Heart neck not only provides strength and stability but a strong and focused sound in conjunction with the body’s acoustic resonance. Cort STAGGERED LOCKING MACHINEHEADSThe deluxe locking machine heads offer precise and reliable tuning as well as easier and quicker string changes.SPOKE NUT HOTROD TRUSSRODThe spoke nut hotrod truss rod improves neck stability as well as ease of neck bow adjustment.56.5mm (2 7/32“) NUT WIDTHThe 56.5mm(2 7/32”) nut width is surprisingly comfortable for an 8-string guitar and even suit players with small hands.Specifications

  • CUTAWAY: Double Cutaway
  • BODY: Swamp Ash or Sassafras
  • TOP: Poplar Burl
  • NECK: 5pcs Maple & Purple Heart
  • FRETBOARD: Macassar Ebony(400mm Radius)
  • FRETS: 24
  • SCALE: 26.5-28″(673-711mm) Multi-Scale
  • INLAY: Teardrop
  • TUNERS: Cort Staggered Locking Machineheads
  • BRIDGE: Individual Hardtail w/ String-Thru Body
  • PICKUPS: Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Set
  • ELECTRONICS: 1 Volume(P.P.) & 1 Tone(P.P.) 3 Way Pickup Selector
  • HARDWARE: Black Nickel

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Cort KX Series KX508MS Multi Scale 8 String Electric Guitar

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