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Bat Print


In 2012, Emily Uchytil came across hundreds of rolls of vintage wallpaper in a dusty dance hall in Thomas, West Virginia. The pattern rich wallpaper quickly became her new canvas.  Combining the intricacies of various creatures with the detailed wallpaper, she hopes to incite a sense of tranquil curiosity in viewers. She enjoys the juxtaposition created when these seemingly disparate objects are paired together. This series is meant to make people slow down, notice the details of the creatures around us, and foster love for the wondrous natural world.

This is an archival print of an original oil painting on vintage wallpaper. The image has a white border and comes signed by the artist.

Materials: oil paint on wallpaper, white border, vintage wallpaper, epson matte paper, archival ink, archival paper, locally printed, signed by artist, white mat options, realistic illustration, 8.5″x11″ print

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Bat Print

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