7 Hertz Acoustics Salnotes Zero

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7 Hertz Acoustics Salnotes Zero


The groundbreaking earphones 7Hz Salnotes Zero contain a 10mm dynamic driver and a metal composite diaphragm. 7Hz Zero has a superior metallic composite diaphragm that makes it easier for sound waves to resonate with it. It is simple to use and won’t interfere with the audio transmission because they created every component with extreme precision.

7Hz Salnotes Zero contains a stainless-steel faceplate and a plastic chassis that is environmentally friendly. In order to deliver outstanding acoustic performance, comfort, and longevity, the IEMs are constructed using exact measurements based on ergonomics.

For the best audio experience on your cellphones, laptops, and desktop PCs, use Salnotes Zero. 7Hz guarantee accurate and effective audio transmission via dynamic drivers and fine-tuning. Enjoy distortion-free, rounded, and precise sound.

By calling the product ZERO, 7HZ wants to convey our life philosophy to every consumer. It’s time for ZERO now that the 7HZ team has already introduced Timeless and Eternal to the community. Zero is the universal symbol of mortality and eternity. ZERO encourages unrestricted creativity and limitless potential.

7Hz recently launched an earphone type c variant as well so that it can be plugged and played with the USB-C jack of all mobile phones.

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Black, Celeste, White, Mecha, Orange


3.5mm (Without Mic), Type C (With Mic), 3.5mm (With Mic)

7 Hertz Acoustics Salnotes Zero

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