Why Some Businesses Welcome Wrong Numbers ~ Technology Articles

Why Some Businesses Welcome Wrong Numbers ~ Technology Articles

Why Some Businesses Welcome Wrong Numbers

SUMMARY: What advantage can you gain over your competitors in the field of numbers? Quite a gain, as you can register one or more wrong numbers to your company, which will still make you a profit and allow you to run a cheap answering service under a toll free number.

Stealing customers from a competitor is simply not possible when it comes to registering a misdialed number. The trick is to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Article Content: All companies want to sell a product or service, right? What if you could make a higher profit by owning a highly misdialed number? Many companies are doing this as a way to gain an advantage over a competitor, while also making a profit.

A business might consider operating a toll free number, but play around with the digits until it becomes effortless for a customer to make a dialing mistake, because the numbers look so familiar. However, for you, this is a steady income earner.

Get one step ahead of your competitors
If there is a company in the area providing a similar service to what you provide, check out their phone number and create a misdial number so that you gather their leads and make a small profit. Click onto one of the misdialing number accumulation websites, enter the toll free number linking to your competitor that allows them to provide a cheap answering service, and amend the third digit of the area code to gather a list of available numbers leads.

Get more wrong numbers than actual? Use this to your advantage
If perhaps the feedback you have gathered from customers is that it is common to misdial your last two digits, register a wrong number to your company with these misdialed digits, set up a toll free number for a cheap answering service, and wait for the profit to flow in. Better that the profit slips into your pocket, than a competitor who has also learnt the tricks of welcoming wrong numbers.

The number behind the 800
Whenever a competitor uses an 866/877 number, there is also an 800 number version. Do a little investigative work and link that number to your company, so that you receive the calls and profit, and not your competitors.

An 800 number is a subtle marketing tool that can make you money, while the number is easier for customers to remember. It is unlikely that your competitors would know how many customers have dialed a number similar to theirs.

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