WHAT YOU NEED IS IDEA NOT MONEY? ~ Technology Articles

WHAT YOU NEED IS IDEA NOT MONEY? ~ Technology Articles
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Idea truly rules the world. The man who has idea but poor is richer than the wealthy man without any idea to enhance his wealth. This is because the man of idea can use his idea to generate wealth while the wealthy man with a poor mentality outlook will not have the idea to expand the empire of his wealth. 

Hence, there are countless stories of men who started in with great wealth, ended up in an abject penury. While others started from a very poor and background, but because they are men of great idea, became stupendously rich.
You might be thinking about the possibility of making money without financial capital. The answer is that it is very much possible if only you have a great idea about how to make raw cash. 

If you have a very rich business idea, you can transform it into a powerful and well-crafted proposal. Various companies and individuals might not have the will power to reject such proposal because of its potency to generate wealth. 

In this case, you will not finance the proposal, but rather the company or individual to whom the proposal is being presented. You will rather have a share in the profit after the business is fully executed. By so doing, you have earned some cash even without having the capital to do so.
Benefits of marketing skills:

If you are skilled in marketing, it is a very wonderful avenue to make cash. How will you do this? You can enter into an alliance with a company or an individual businessman to distribute their products. Marketing a product requires little or no financing. 

All you need to have is the skill to convince a buyer to buy the product. With your great marketing ideas, you can sell quite a good number of the products. You will surely have some profits from the sales in the form of commission.

Also, there are business ideas that do not require immediate cash to start. All you need is to sit down and think out the strategy. You can enter into a partnership with another person who might have the major resources needed to start up your novel idea. 

Your partner might not have the necessary knowledge of financing the business. Your skills and competencies in running such business will surely yield a fruitful dividend and you will have your own percentage of the gain.

Investment in a business:

Furthermore, you can convince somebody who has the cash into opening a particular business. Tell him the benefits of investing in the business and the gains. Convince him to allow you manage the business for him. Let your skills be known to him. 

You will surely smile to your bank if your request and proposal is given a considerable attention. By this way, you earn some cash without having to invest some money into a business or project. Your power of conviction and management skill has done the magic. 

Start now to look inward and discover the ideas and skills you have which can be sources of revenue generation for you.

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