Understanding SEO and How it Works ~ Technology Articles

Understanding SEO and How it Works ~ Technology Articles
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Understanding SEO and How it Works

The Internet is an incredible thing. Constantly growing and expanding, it is an important part of modern life. It seems like everybody has their own blog, and most companies recognize the importance of having an online presence.

While anything can be found on the Internet, most people struggle to get their website noticed because they are drowned out by an overabundance of information. This is why it’s so important for businesses to learn what search engine optimization (SEO) is and how they can make it work for them.

Just Google It

People are learning how to use search engines to look for information, and even people who aren’t very comfortable with technology know what it means to “Google” something. However, most people don’t search beyond the first page of results.

If they don’t see what they are looking for in those top ten listings, then they try a different word combination in the search. When businesses learn how to make the most of SEO, then they will enjoy higher rankings on search engine return pages. Rather than being buried in the back pages of the results, they will move up to the top rankings and start enjoying more traffic on their sites.

Excellent Content

It all starts with quality content. If owners are putting up content filled with typos, out-of-date information and a dull feel, then the site won’t rank high. It’s important to invest in pertinent, fresh information that tells readers something new.

Just copying and pasting from other sites is damaging to rankings, and it’s frustrating for searchers. Under Google’s new rules, the content should also be fresh. That means that site owners should take the time to keep the content current by removing dated information and replacing it with something a little different.

Keyword Placement

The search engines have computer programs called spiders or crawlers that troll through Internet content looking for keywords. Place too many keywords into the content and it causes a site’s ranking to fall. The keywords to be used a few times, but they should be in the right spots.

The pages title should have a keyword, and article headers should also make use of keywords. One more keyword in the first few paragraphs of a page will also attract the crawlers without hurting rankings.


People like clicking on links, so search engines also look at the links on a site. They want to see other Web pages through both outgoing and incoming links. As other sites start linking to any given page, the rating for that page will increase.

Web developers offer link exchanges with other sites that cover related material. It’s important to link with sites that share a common thread because only links for sites with relevant content will be counted. If the links are to irrelevant sites, the search engine will believe that the system is being cheated and lower the rankings.

Steps to Avoid

Cheaters abound, and there are those who think they can fool the search engines. They may suggest stuffing content with as many keywords as possible. They also use text that matches the page’s background. Known as invisible text, it is not visible to readers but will be picked up by spiders.

Selling and farming out links is also risky. When the search engines detect one paid link, they will flag every site connected with the Web page in question. The problem with these techniques is that they are effective for a short period, but ratings plummet when the search engine catches on. In the long-term, the ends do not justify the means.

SEO marketing can feel overwhelming. It may look like a mystery, but there is no reason to be afraid of the search engines. With these simple tips, people can improve their rankings and continue to move up the charts. As rankings improve, traffic to the site will also increase.

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