Twitter’s Vine – In-depth Review ~ Technology Articles

Twitter’s Vine – In-depth Review ~ Technology Articles

Twitter's Vine - In-depth Review

Attention smartphone owners and video lovers! You can now create short videos and share them on Twitter. Two weeks ago… Twitter unveiled Vine, the video app, for social media users. The app lets you create 6-second videos in simple ways.

Have something interesting to say? Or want to promote your business online? Vine is the right app for you! Surprisingly, the app made it among the top 14 video apps in less than a day since it was launched. Come on! Let’s quickly review the Vine app (also called ‘the video Instagram.’)

The setup is pretty simple. Just download the Vine app, and sign in using your Twitter or email account. Yes, you can sign in to Vine even if you don’t have a Twitter account.

Vine has a nice user-friendly interface – you have tabs to manage your Profiles and Activity on the platform. Perhaps the only change is that the tabs are now seen at the top which is in contrast to the one that we used to see at the bottom all these days. The home button enables you to perform various tasks using the following tabs: Home, Profile, Activity and Explore.

Here is how the Vine app Works…
Want to create a video using Vine? It’s pretty simple. Hit ‘Camera’ which you’ll see in the right top corner of the interface on the Home page. Place your finger on the screen, a green light will appear indicating that you can start shooting your 6-second video. Once you have recorded, you can preview your video.

So that’s basically how the Vine app works. You can either save your video and transfer it to an external device or upload it on social media sites – the choice is yours! However one thing that has been bothering a lot of Vine users is the spread of pornographic videos. Most users have hollered about that the moment they upload their 6 second videos, porn content follows soon after. This is one main drawback of the Vine app.

Sharing your video
You may not be able to share your video on Facebook (the site has blocked Vine due to the porn issues), but you have the complete freedom to share your videos on Twitter and Vine. We uploaded our video on Twitter and were delighted to discover our video go live in just 5 seconds. Man, it was a great experience for some of the boys in our group!

  • User-friendly interface
  • Lets you edit and share short 6-seconds. This should be a great bonanza for online businesses to market their brands and services on Twitter
  • One-touch activities
  • Quick recording and sharing
  • Threats of porn content
  • No privacy (all your videos will go public the moment they are uploaded)
  • Doesn’t allow you to use previously recorded videos
  • Lack of an Android-friendly version
The Verdict

Considering the range of benefits it offers to business people and the fun-filled video experience for amateur video creators, Vine is a great app. If Twitter can overcome those cons, then Vine will be the ‘next big app’ for video lovers.

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