The Best Future of Emails ~ Technology Articles

The Best Future of Emails ~ Technology Articles
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The Best Future of Emails

You’ve chosen your target market.

SEO, bodybuilding, house painting, lawn mowing, pole dancing, etc. Whatever it might be, that will be your main focus for future emails.

If you are in different niches, keep your lists separated according to the niche it is associated with. People signing up to learn more about pole dancing won’t care about lawn mowing.

You’ll be wasting time and money trying to market to these two audiences at the same time.

How can you stay relevant to your subscribers? 

Send them useful, high value content. Either write a post on your blog or link them to someone else’s content. DO NOT promote a product each and every day. People will either ignore you or unsubscribe from your list. You want to avoid both. DO NOT send emails every day. About 1 to 3 should suffice. 2 out of those 3 emails SHOULD NOT be promotions.

You want to treat your subscribers with RESPECT. Respect your list and they will treat you the same way. DO NOT violate their trust and respect. You will lose subscribers and most importantly you will lose your credibility.

Sales Funnel Fun
Although the main topic of Email Marketing Black Ops is of course list building, it doesn’t hurt to push a few promotions to your subscribers to make some money. What you can offer and how you offer it is really up to you.

You can summarize the general workings of a sales funnel in 3 basic steps. 

1. Direct all incoming traffic to your squeeze page.

2. After someone subscribes to your list by entering their email address, you can send them to a ‘Thank You’ page where you thank them for opting in and that an email containing the download link to the product has been sent to them.

3. While they are waiting for that email, you can recommend a product or service they can check out. This is the OTO (One Time Offer) we discussed earlier.

If you decide to use double opt-in, you can send them to the OTO page when they confirm their email address. If you are using single opt-in, you can send them to a ‘Thank You’ page that’s coupled with your OTO. You can also add that OTO on the download page if that suits you better. You can offer a product or service that’s either your own or something you’re an affiliate for.

DO NOT consistently push products and services to your subscribers all the time. They will start to view you as spammy and less helpful. Promoting an OTO during sign up is pretty much harmless because you’re trying to provide additional value to people that are looking for information. The timing is right and therefore, no one will be offended by that initial promotion because it’s real, relevant content.

Remember to keep the products and services you promote related to the target market you’re trying to reach. Start offering stuff that isn’t related to your niche and you’ll find an increasing number of people who will unsubscribe from your list.

Also, keep in mind that the purchasing behavior of people on your list will differ from niche to niche. It will help to research and analyze your target audience before trying to implement any sales funnel strategies I will outline here.

5 Components for a Successful Sales Funnel 

The Product & The Bonuses
Squeeze Page
Auto-Responder & Email Follow-Ups
Thank You Page
Download Page

BIO: Sussan Deyhim is from best cell phone deals and a University Lecturer. She loves to write on technical topics like cell phone protective cases. She is writing from last three years.