Submit Your App To The Top Android Apps Sites ~ Technology Articles

Submit Your App To The Top Android Apps Sites ~ Technology Articles
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Submit Your App To The Top Android Apps Sites

The Big List of Android App Stores 
Here’s the current list of Android app stores, some also support other platforms such as OS, Blackberry, Java and Windows Mobile, where you can sell or upload your wares. Note: some only accept free apps and games whilst others will accept both free and paid apps and games.

Google Android Market –
Appia –
Slideme –
Mobango - (free apps and game only)
Samsung Apps –
Amazon App Store –
Vodafone –
Verizon Wireless –
Cellmania –
Mobihand / Mobireach –
MiKandi –
LG World –
GetJar - (free apps and games only)
Motorola shop4apps –
BlueVia –
Handster –
Optus -
Butterscotch / Tucows –
AppsLib –
Fasmicro –
Pdassi –
Android Pit –
Camangi Market –
DoComo Market –
Sony Ericsson e-store –
FastApp Store -
M1 App Store –
MobileApps –
Phoload –
MV Store –
Exent –
NeXva –
1Mobile –
AndroidFreeware –
Mobiles24 – (free apps and games only)
CNET – Mall –
AppBackr –
AndroidApps -
AndroidTapp - (new app store)
GiveMeApps -
Nook Store -
Android Games -
And a couple of Android warez sites that can drive big download numbers to free apps:
Mobilism -
Blackdroid –

The Top 15 sites are very important they are heavily trafficked … 

The Google Play Store and The Amazon App store is a huge one in there they are PAID but still worth having a PREMIUM account with them this will surely increase you DOWNLOAD NUMBERS. Let’s do a simple math before I go further and show you how to do it.

If you are going to submit your APP to the above 30+ sites (if you are too lazy then hire a VA and send him the list of sites and tell him to submit the app there), let us assume that you have 100 downloads from each site which is very easy to reach 30 sites X 100 downloads each = 3000 downloads This means 3000 people will be reaching your squeeze page, ahhh that’s huge numbers, lets say that you have a good squeeze page conversion offer i.e 50% Then its “1500 Subscribers” on your list with just 15 minutes of work if you have a Mobile Optimized Squeez Page.

Author Bio: Sussan Deyhim is from Public Health and a University Lecturer. She loves to write on technical topics like Top Tech News . She is writing from last three years