Quicken Simplifies Personal Business Finances ~ Technology Articles

Quicken Simplifies Personal Business Finances ~ Technology Articles

Quicken Simplifies Personal Business Finances

Quicken is a set of software programs designed to help users organize and manage many facets of their personal and business finances. A number of different versions of the software are offered, allowing users to select a version tailored to their specific needs, whether that is basic budgeting and expense tracking, or more complex features related to investments and business ownership.

All versions of the Quicken software can be set up to provide email and text alerts for a variety of circumstances, including high spending or suspicious account activity.  In addition, a mobile app is available for all versions that will allow all Quicken data to be synced with a user’s mobile device, allowing them to perform many of the functions of the software from their smart phone or tablet.

Quicken Deluxe
Quicken Deluxe allows users to access and organize all of their bank, credit card, loan and retirement accounts in one place.  Instead of logging in to each account separately or viewing separate statements, the user is able to access them all simultaneously from a single location.

The user simply enters the name and password for each account and Quicken will securely import all relevant data.   Since transactions are imported automatically, the user no longer needs to enter them manually.  In addition, the software automatically categorizes all transactions, allowing the user to quickly see how their money is being spent.

A variety of tracking tools, including charts and graphs, provide easy-to-use visual references for tracking and planning for day-to-day expenses.  Quicken Deluxe also provides additional features that assist with creating a custom budget, reducing debt, planning for retirement and paying bills in a timely manner.

Quicken Premier
Quicken Premier offers the same features as Quicken Deluxe, but adds the ability to manage multiple investment accounts.  Quicken Premier provides a number of tools for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing an investment portfolio and allows the user to make more informed decisions on buying and selling based on market comparisons.

Quicken Premier also offers additional features that minimize taxes on investments and creates reports to simplify tax preparation.  Quotes are continuously updated so the user’s portfolio is consistently up to date.

Quicken Home & Business
Quicken Home & Business offers all of the features of the previous two versions, but adds additional features applicable to business owners, which allows the user to track both personal and business finances within the same application.

These include analyzing profits and losses, creating estimates and invoices for clients and customers, and additional tax tools for maximizing deductions and simplifying tax time for business owners.

Quicken Rental Property Manager
Quicken also offers a Rental Property Manager version that provides a number of additional features related to property management.  Users can track expenses and income by property in order to determine the most profitable locations.  Users can also monitor rent payments and late fees, as well as keep track of tenant information such as lease terms and payment history.  This version also provides additional tax-related features for property managers.

Quicken Starter Edition & Mac Essentials
In addition, Quicken offers a Starter Edition that includes some, but not all, of the features provided in Quicken Deluxe.  A Mac version of the software is also available, which also provides only the most basic features for personal finance.

The full line of software can be found here:

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