Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking an iPad ~ Technology Articles

Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking an iPad ~ Technology Articles

Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking an iPad

At one time or another, many Apple fans have looked into jailbreaking their device.  By jailbreaking an iPad, the restrictions Apple has put on the operating system are bypassed.  You can install apps not authorized by Apple, and security protections installed by the company are removed.  Jailbreaking also allows iPads to operate on different cellular networks.  While the process of jailbreaking reaps benefits, it is also followed by serious risks.


1. New Apps

When an iPad is jailbreaked, a new world of apps is available.  Many people are aware that the iTunes App Store offers hundreds of thousands of apps to offer, but because of Apple’s restrictions, many applications do not make it into their marketplace.  Jailbreaking is the perfect solution for limited apps.

2. Free Tethering

AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint offer a service called tethering, but they charge a considerable amount of money for it.  Jailbroken devices have the ability to tether for free, thanks to apps such as MyWi offered through Cydia.  It enables iPads to act as a broadband modem for your laptop or phone to connect to the Internet.

3. Customization Options

By using Cydia, an iPad’s icons can be changed, as well as the wallpaper, dock, and status.  Though Winterboard does not work on iPads, it is another customization app used for sound settings.

4. Access to the iOS File System

By jailbreaking, the inner workings of your iPad are exposed to you.  This allows owners to install a secure shell, which transfers data safely between two devices over a network.  When connected to a computer, a secure shell can also install non-Apple games and fix corrupted files.

5. Switch wireless providers

By jailbreaking your iPad, it has the ability to change from one network provider to another, as long as they operate under the same GSM standards.  You will also need to change the SIM card.  Jailbreaking will not work for Sprint or Verizon Wireless because they operate on CDMA networks.


1. Unscreened Apps

Though jailbreaking provides more apps, it also makes your iPad more susceptible to malware.  The protection wall around iOS and the iTunes App Store is removed, thus leaving the iPad vulnerable to apps infected by malware.

2. Undermined Security

After your iPad has been jailbroken, there is no way to know how secure it is.  According to some Apple experts, this is because the operating system has essentially been changed.  Any app downloaded could have access to your data, so you are putting your trust in the creator of the apps.

3. Little Anti-virus Protection

Anti-virus software is not largely available for Apple iOS.  For the protection that is available, it is limited in their abilities.

4. Chaotic System Updates

With each update Apple pushes out, jailbreaks and the apps used are usually erased.  If an Apple update does erase the jailbreak, the iPad will have to be jailbroken again, along with the unauthorized apps.  Also, depending on the version of iOS used, jailbroken apps are not always supported.

5. System Instability

Unfortunately, jailbreaking runs the risk of downloading unstable apps, which can cause your iPad to crash or be bricked.  Most experts suggest sticking to Cydia apps; otherwise you run the risk of downloading buggy software.

If you do choose to jailbreak your iPad, more apps, network providers, and customizations options are available.  However, be sure to research apps you want to install in order to avoid security breaches.

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