Networking, a very imperative Blogging Tip ~ Technology Articles

Networking, a very imperative Blogging Tip ~ Technology Articles
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Networking, a very imperative Blogging Tip

One of the necessary tips of blogging is networking. A blogger should be able to network with both his visitors and other professionals in the industry in order to promulgate his blog site. 

Few who have used this wonderful tool have ended up drawing large number of traffic to their site. In communication with your blog visitors, you should aim at developing cordiality with them. 

When cordiality is developed, it will be easy for your blog visitors to recommend your page anywhere and at any time.


Communication is very important in blogging. Of course, your blog visitors would appreciate to relate with you and ask some necessary questions confusing them. You need to maintain good communication links and ensure that your visitors see you as a trusted source. This will go a long way to attracting more traffic to you.

The introduction of social media networks has gone a long way to helping bloggers. You can network with large number of audience in your Facebook, Twitter and lots more. You can use email, IM and many other means to make constant communication with your fans and visitors.

Blog Carnivals

A blog carnival is a wonderful networking approach that connects you to lots of audience and therefore draws more traffic to your site. This is an event where bloggers who cover a particular field of blogging get and provide their individual posts.

Usually, bloggers provide their best article and then a host blogger post them in his own blog. The host blogger is often a renowned big time blogger and he uses his influence to bring other bloggers to limelight. This is a very wonderful networking approach that can attract thousands of traffic to your site.

Although blog carnivals are not often done today, yet its importance and relevance cannot be overruled. You can create blog carnival of your own and incorporate other bloggers to it. However, for blog carnival to be successful, you need to be a renowned blogger.

Building links

Another networking approach that will help to draw lots of traffic to your site is link building. Of course, lots of articles in the internet emphasize on link building. Their emphasis simply shows that this practice is of topmost importance to bloggers. Sadly, many bloggers do not know how and where to build links to their sites for efficacy and functionality.

Links should be built in three places in your blog and they include: your homepage, your resource pages, and blog post. The links that you build to these pages should come from good sources. This is because people may judge you from the information contained in your linked sites.

Link building practice should also include linking to the post of other bloggers in your niche. It is important to relate with other bloggers in order to discover more information to make your blog post notable. The other blogger may probably have the one time secret that you have been looking for. Trading of information can get blogging to top notch scale.

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