Most Effective Ways to Enhance the Worth of Your App ~ Technology Articles

Most Effective Ways to Enhance the Worth of Your App ~ Technology Articles

Most Effective Ways to Enhance the Worth of Your App

Video Marketing
Video marketing is another extremely powerful medium to get hordes of traffic to your app. You can do it by yourself or pay some third party to do it for you. I’ll discuss both of them.

  • Free method

    You can record your own video.You can also use Animoto ( to produce video. You can pay $5 in Fiverr and get a video review of your app.Now you need to distribute this. You can upload your video to all video sharing sites.

    Also you can use a free tool to semi automate this process. You can use Oneload ( this purpose and it’s free. (Oneload is powered by its parent company, TubeMogul.)

    You can also use  TrafficGeyser to fully automate this process. TrafficGeyser isan extremely powerful product for video marketing. If you are in Video marketing, there’s no other product compared to TrafficGeyser.

  • Paid methodThere are few app review sites those will make a professional quality video review of your app. Some companies also do the marketing for you as well. 

You need Facebook pages for all your apps. If you have a company and have multiple apps under your belt, at first make a Facebook Page for your company and include links and description of all your apps.

Then you open individual Facebook pages for every single app. Regularly update images, screenshots, video, top scores, cheat sheets, reviews of your app and other popular apps. Also try to include memeimages.

Often images go viral and you’ll instantly receive tons of traffic.


Twitter is another extremely powerful social media to monetize your app.

  1. Open a twitter account for your app.
  2. Create a custom background using the screenshot of your app.
  3. Tweet everyday.
  4. Tweet your app updates, high score, screen shots, cheat sheet
  5. Also comment on other apps.
  6. Follow other accounts and increase your number of followers.
  7. Soon you’ll start to receive tons of traffic from Twitter.

This is a screenshot of Angry Bird’s Twitter account.

Just this simple strategy will drive thousands and thousands of traffic to your app. A celebrity with millions of Twitter follower will tweet for you just for a little service charge.

Look at this huge list:

Even if you don’t follow other strategies but only this one, still you can make huge amount of money from your app.

App Network
It’s much better to have multiple apps under your company and this should be a mixture of free and paid apps.

It’s very normal that all of your apps will not be a hit and all of them will not get same amount of traffic. But if you have multiple apps, you can cross promote each other and get more traffic for all of your apps.

This is another killer method to multiply your revenue without much extra work. This is all about translating your app to other language. Look at this graph:

If you have an app in English, you can just translate it in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Spanish and Brazilian.

Instantly you can get 7 times more exposure of your app.

You can use Google Translate to translate your apps. Also you can hire someone from Fiverr to do this job.

Push Notification

Push notification is another effective marketing tactic. You can send messages to your customers who have downloaded your app in their phone. You can send any updates, notification, highest score, promotions etc in push notification. But don’t send unnecessary notifications everyday. It will annoy your users and they will uninstall your app.

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