Know When to Upgrade to Cloud Services ~ Technology Articles

Know When to Upgrade to Cloud Services ~ Technology Articles

Know When to Upgrade to Cloud Services

There are three types of cloud services designed specifically for your business needs. These are public, hybrid and private cloud services for business. All these three aims to facilitate quick and easy management for your IT cloud computing requirements.

But before you decide to subscribe to a specific cloud service, it is important to find out first what each service can offer. You must also first review your existing internet-based services. Many companies nowadays already use cloud services, which is more prevalent in the telecommunications industry.

Some providers use cloud computing to provide services, like the All-Media Comm virtual office or in providing IP PBX systems.

The public cloud, among the three cloud services, is a good replacement to a service or application that you currently have. If you are planning to switch to IT cloud computing, the public cloud is the best choice for you. 

This type of service offers additional features that are not available with just a simple upgrade. But how do you determine if you need a switch to public cloud? Here are several items that may help you decide when to upgrade your IT cloud computing to the next level. 

Your current software and hardware is always out of order. This means it’s fast approaching end of life and upgrading or replacing these two would be more costly than purchasing a new one. Another reason to switch to cloud services is that you may not be getting the right features for your business needs from your current cloud services. 

Your IT resources including servers and other important applications are hosted by different providers. With the public cloud, these servers and applications are centralized making it more manageable. Furthermore, if you have several offices and remote users, it may be a great move to switch to public cloud. And lastly, your business might only need one or two business solutions.

Another type of cloud service for business is the hybrid cloud. This service is the next level of the public cloud. If you already invested in hardware, software and solutions but you still need to enhance your IT cloud computing, the hybrid cloud is right for you. Again, you might be wondering, how do you know if hybrid cloud is right for you? These are the several issues that you need to resolve. 

One consideration in choosing hybrid cloud is when your IT resources are already centralized but still require for an addition of significant feature. Secondly, your business might require for a more secure server back-ups and a better archiving solution. Likewise, a web content filtering and strong email safeguarding have become a business requirement.

One type of cloud services for business is the private cloud. This cloud provides the highest availability and security for your business than the first two cloud services. It is designed purposely to give your business a new environment in terms of redundancy, high availability and remote security.  

Again, there are several business concerns for you to consider the private cloud. First and foremost, you have multiple business offices, and all of these require centralized IT resources. If possible, it is easier to manage a centralized IT cloud computing considering all these multiple sites. 

In addition, you need data access, internet connection, email and other communication applications. All these are provided by your private cloud service. And lastly, if your business also deals with highly sensitive data run by regulatory controls, it is best to choose the private cloud among the other cloud services.

You may ask your internet service or telecommunications provider if they offer the above cloud computing services.

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