iPhone 5: Top Reasons Why You Should Have One ~ Technology Articles

iPhone 5: Top Reasons Why You Should Have One ~ Technology Articles

iPhone 5: Top Reasons Why You Should Have One

There are now plenty of gadgets available in the market. Some of the most popular today includes tablet computers and smartphones. Numerous brands offer these gadgets at different prices and of course quality. The most popular smartphones today based on the number of users are Android, Blackberry and iPhone. These brands release new units on a regular basis. For iPhone, the latest is iPhone 5. In its first week, millions of consumers have already purchased their own units. 

There are many reasons why iPhone 5 became an instant hit like the older versions. If you have not purchased an iPhone 5 yet, you might want to read the following reasons why you should have one.

  • Thinner and more powerful. Compared to its predecessors, the iPhone 5 is made lighter and thinner. It weighs 112 grams and has a 7.6 mm thickness. It is taller than the iPhone 4S and has a larger screen which is good because it can improve the visual experience of the user. Even if you compare it to other smartphone brands, it is still significantly lighter and thinner. When it comes to its power, the iPhone 5 has an A6 processor which is claimed to be twice faster than the one included in iPhone 4S. This sounds good because it means faster access to games, videos and numerous apps.

  • Larger screen. Many smartphones usually have a screen that measures 3.5 inches. However, with iPhone 5, you can enjoy playing games or watching videos with its 4-inch screen. Just so you know, this version is the first iPhone that has a screen wider than 3.5 inches. But even with a larger screen, it still maintains the Retina Display as there are 326 pixels for every inch.

  • iOS 6 software. Another thing that you will love about the latest iPhone version is the iOS 6 software. It is another major reason why you should purchase an iPhone 5 as the software will be available to older versions after some time. But even if you can avail of the iOS 6 software and use it in older versions, you better choose the iPhone 5 as the software is specifically designed to run in it.

There are features that are available and run smoothly on the latest version. One good example is the 3D glide-over in the Maps app. This will not be available in older versions such as iPhone 4 even if you use the iOS 6 software. Another important feature that you would love about the latest version is the high quality front-facing camera. You can make and enjoy Face Time calls as the phone can capture videos in 720p HD. This gives you a better experience of talking to your loved ones over the phone.

Lastly, you can enjoy boosted Siri capabilities, improved Game Center and deep Facebook integration.

  • 4G LTE. There is a huge difference between 3G and 4G LTE. With the latter, you can enjoy faster web browsing, quicker photo and video uploading, and of course faster downloading of apps. This is something that you cannot enjoy with older iPhone versions that only have 3G.

With these, the iPhone 5 does not just look nice. It is definitely better that the older versions. Thus, it is worth your money. Aside from that, you can use these features to optimize phone services from providers such as RingCentral.

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