How Twitter will change the way we live ~ Technology Articles

How Twitter will change the way we live ~ Technology Articles

How Twitter will change the way we live

Twitter is more or less one of the most revolutionary social media networks today. Through “tweets,” people all around the world are able to keep up with the latest updates in the fastest way imaginable. Tweets get straight to the point, only being 140 characters long.

Tweets are short, which means people don’t have to read much. Adding to that, everyone’s ability to “retweet” existing tweets will spread the information even faster, possibly reaching all over the Internet, to the point that it would be hard not to know all about it.

Twitter will change the way we live by providing us the utmost convenience in social media. We all want things to be delivered fast; Twitter makes that possible by allowing instantaneous delivery of information, easily spreading all over the Internet.

To get an idea of how Twitter can change our way of life, here are a list of just what Twitter can do:

1) Easy networking
Navigating through Twitter is easy. Twitter shortens links to easily fit in sentences, as well as allowing people to use hashtags when talking about certain topics. People who see these hashtags can click on it and see a constantly updating list of tweets also talking about the topic.

2) Can build traffic
Twitter can also be used by bloggers and businesses to build traffic for their websites. By making their own accounts, those who follow their blogs or products will follow their Twitter accounts, directing traffic into their sites. Thanks to the 140 character limit, links that are copy-pasted onto the message box are shortened, allowing you to send blog updates with short and complete messages to your Twitter followers.

3) Can build businesses
Twitter also provides innovative methods for promoting businesses. Businesses can offer special deals through Twitter, essentially promoting their brand by proxy. Other people can also retweet these promotions, spreading the word around to other people.

4) Easy social communication
As a social media network, Twitter provides a step up to the standard fare. You are able to tell your friends your current status, where you are, what you are doing, and other things like that. You can also share content, like pictures, to your friends using a number of features available with Twitter.

When it comes down to it, Twitter more or less has the same features as any other social network service. Twitter allows you to connect with others, post content, promote businesses, and the like. What makes it special, however, is how convenient it is to use.

Coming up with a tweet is fast; reading a tweet is just as fast. Updates come in instantaneously. Passing information around is easy, thanks to the Retweet function. This feeling of convenience, the speed and ease it is able to work with, it’s what separates Twitter from other services.

Twitter was able to revolutionize the social media world thanks to how easy it is to use it. With the features it has delivered, as well as the convenience it promotes, Twitter has indeed changed the way we live.

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