How to Become Web Master: SEO Tips for New Bloggers in 2013 ~ Technology Articles

How to Become Web Master: SEO Tips for New Bloggers in 2013 ~ Technology Articles
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How to Become Web Master: SEO Tips for New Bloggers in 2013

To get more visitors for the blog spot or website it is important to do the basic and advance SEO. You will find plenty of techniques and ways present in many websites to do SEO. Now a day being a writer of blogs is what every individual thinks of at some time sooner or later as in blogging there is huge scope of making money with no limitations.

Five important ad useful tips 
Here are some of the most helpful and easy tips for SEO to be followed to get a quick website indexing in Google.

  • Prepare and submit the sitemap – you can create and then publish the website sitemap of yours so that it can look for the search engines which is an essential phase in getting better website index. Sitemap is basically selecting all the website pages and blog spots to be indexed in Google by the search engine.
  • Use the web master tools of Google – it is very popular to use the online tool of web master with which you can not only ask for looking your index but you can also know the mistakes present in your website and fix them up in case they are going through negative SEO.
  • Titles/meta tags – search engine can also penalize or punish your weblog and downgrade it by moving it to the back website if it finds inappropriate Meta keywords. The headline and content must be eye catchy with easy words. Harassing and abusive words should be avoided. 
  • Quality content – the content of your blog must be of good quality as good quality articles can be indexed faster and it also attracts more readers. Copied and poor quality contents should be avoided strictly.
  • Social mark booking – sharing and mark booking are important for both old and new websites. To increase the website traffic you can go for submitting your article in different social websites in order to receive organic traffic especially for the new bloggers.

Things to be kept in mind while blogging
When you go for making a new blog it is necessary to let the blog index look for the search engines to get more visitors. In order to generate high traffic you can also take help of the social networks. The writer must not compromise on quality of the articles.

Google may also penalize the blogs which are not original or poorly written. You cannot copy your content from any other blog as well whereas you are required to create original content for your blog posts. Enrolling in Salesforce Trainingis also a good option.

Importance of bookmarking
Bookmarking allows you in fetching more traffic and hence to get high rank for your website in Google. After the basics you can also go for the advance SEO.

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