Great Apps for Traveling ~ Technology Articles

Great Apps for Traveling ~ Technology Articles
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Great Apps for Traveling

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Do you frequently find yourself in front of airline check-in counters? Are you often in your car visiting friends and family on long road trips? Traveling can often leave you in stressful situations. If you are often on-the-go, downloading these mobile apps will help alleviate any stress that's involved with traveling.


For those who are frequent air travelers, GateGuru is an excellent tool to help you find your way around an airport.

If you're looking for a restaurant or coffee shop during a long layover, GateGuru will tell you where in the airport to go. The app offers an easy-to-read layout of restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, restrooms and just about any other luxury you may need.

While the app is great for amenities, it does nothing to help the traveler with flight statuses, gate updates or anything else airline related. For those that are looking for an all-around great airport app, you'll need to shell out the cash to purchase one.

Wi-Fi Finder

For those that need to stay connected overseas but don't want to spend endless amounts of money on expensive cell phone bills, Wi-Fi Finder is the perfect solution.

Wi-Fi Finder offers consumers an easy way to locate wireless internet hot spots in cities across the world. With coverage in more than one hundred forty-four countries, Wi-Fi Finder has one of the largest coverage areas out of any similar apps currently available.

While it may provide over 320,000 wireless internet connections around the world, customers have reported that some hot spots are out-of-date or incorrect. With a little more development, the app will soon likely be one of the most widely used for travelers going overseas.


If you often find yourself scrambling to search for itineraries, hotel reservations or booking confirmations, the TripIt app is for you.

TripIt organizes important travel documents for its users into one, easy-to-find location on their smartphone. You can automatically forward all important travel emails from thousands of booking websites and receive airline updates for your respective flights.

It's not all roses for this app, however. Customers have consistently complained of a poor airline alerts system. Many alerts arrive late while some don't arrive at all. If you need an app that offers consistent, on-time airline alerts you better look somewhere else.


If you're traveling to a location that you've never been to before, Picksie is a great tool that can help you find important amenities.

Picksie recommends restaurants, movie theaters, coffee shops, bars and just about anything else you can think of based on your interests. This app can be a great tool for those looking to plan social events for themselves and their friends or family while on vacation in a foreign city.

People have complained of inconsistencies with the Picksie app. Picksie offers an easy-to-use contact form that allows users to submit feedback regarding the information for the tech team to correct. Because Picksie is a relatively new app to the mobile market, a few bugs should be expected.

Tourist Eye

Tourist Eye is a great all-around app for the busy traveler. It lets you plan trips, keep notes, has an interactive map, can recommend places to eat and more. No traveler should be without Tourist Eye.

Consumers have reported that the app has consistent problems with crashing but a recent update offers a fix to this problem.

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