Business Operations Manual – Effective Documentation to Drive More Efficiency ~ Technology Articles

Business Operations Manual – Effective Documentation to Drive More Efficiency ~ Technology Articles
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Business Operations Manual - Effective Documentation to Drive More Efficiency

The operations manual is important for every company, which contains lots of information about service level agreements and operational procedures. Documentation is vital for both big and small companies, which will help you to create a consistency in your business processes. The manual will be quite helpful for training the new employees. It will clearly explain the ins and outs operations.

Essential elements of operations manual 
While preparing the manual you must be extra careful and there should not be any misconception.  First describe about each and every job nature and clearly explain them step-by-step such as opening procedure, closing procedure, sales calls, order handling, and customer service.  Some of the other things to be included are:

  • Organizational chart
  • Industry
  • Daily operating procedures
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Procedure for preparing business reports
  • Safety and security
  • Legal matters

IT companies must contain a document about the technical details, backups, networking solutions, IP addresses, and server information. The information provided in it will be helpful to troubleshoot any problem that the employee might encounter. Instead of asking each and everything to the manager, you can refer the manual.

There are many software applications and its usage differs from one another. The operations must include information about the software application that the company uses. The newly joined employee can start off the job right away after referring to it.  It is often called as a tool kit and helps the employee to do the job in an organized way.

The top level management people instead of spending more time in explaining the technical works to the entry level employees, they can give a copy of the manual to them. It will be helpful for the employees to follow a uniform system and it is a big stepping stone for business growth.

How to create an effective manual for your business?
First, you must gather information about the things to be included in it. Instead of doing the work alone, you can prepare them with a team of professionals. Try to cover up all the information, potential questions and other things.

At the same time, it must be in simple language, so that everyone can understand the information explained in it well.  Don’t include too much of information under a single heading. You must split them into different chapters, so that it will be useful for the user to follow up the information provided.

Describe about the procedure involved in the business operation with diagrams, pictures and other illustrations. Once everything is done, try to get feedback about it from other staffs in the company. Proofread it well before printing them and also update as your business grows.

How to keep the information updated?
The manual must be updated according to the latest information and achievement that the organization has made. Mangers have a big role in it and they must quickly review the content and change anything, if needed.  In order to update the information based on the current scenario, it is better to conduct the review sessions on quarterly, half yearly or annual basis. While updating, don’t forget to remove the content that is out-of-date.

For better performance, it is good to circulate the printed and hard copies of the operations manual.  It is easy for you to scale the business operations. If you are running your business in multiple locations, then you are in a position to maintain same business standard at all locations. In such kind of situation, the business operations manual will be of great help.

An IT operations manual will help in eliminating the common frustrations that you have regarding the business service and also motivate your employees to do the job in the right direction.

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